Pablo Canelas is an artist of Bolivian origin. From an early age he was drawn to aesthetics in general. Objects of art, painting, graphic design, clothing, architecture, music (another of his great passions), have all served as inspiration for his work that he has developed through drawings and paintings, as well as the creation of lamps and art objects. He studied graphic design in Santiago de Chile and later worked in Madrid as a graphic designer for more than ten years.
The last few years has seen Pablo Canelas resume his artistic career, fully dedicated to its development focusing particularly on painting
and designing artistic objects.

"El trabajo que realizo es de carácter intuitivo y espontáneo, 
expreso lo que siento, lo que me es dado desde la infinita fuente creativa. Por alguna razón, salen formas orgánicas y dinámicas que se entrelazan e interrelacionan entre si, formando una unidad en contínua conexión".